Kein Shuen's reflections

reflections for day one- Tan Kein Shuen

today, we got to have several lectures on different topics affecting the world, and i will be explaining what the key learning poins are , and which one i found the most interesting.

For the first topic which is the importance of water, i found that water is very scarce and that human interaction is disruptive of its cleaniness, but we are dependant on it and recquire it for economical and survival purposes.

for the second topic on the revolution on microelectronics technology, i found that our technology could save lives in wars and in global climate change, which will give us more lives to spare.

For the third topic on biomedical technology, i found it basically the same as the second one, but it helped in the military and in cancers and tumors.

For the fourth plenary session, i found that IT reacquires good abilities in maths and physics, but yet to help in art and animation.

and for the most exciting plenary session about the disappearing ice glaciers ,and why some areas would benefit from global climate change, instead of the opposite.

Day 2 Reflections (Tan Kein Shuen)

Our Missionour mission would be to find out the procees of obtaining a distilled formula of ethanol.

Our Accomplishments
our accomplishments were that we did not cause any negative damage and were pretty fast in finding the results.

Our gains
We were able to learn something new and how to be patient