Hao En's Reflection

Yesterday we had 5 plenary sessions. Some were interesting, some were not quite so.

The first session was the one that left me with the biggest impression because it wasn't just the topic that interested me, the professor was interesting too. The way he presented about something so serious and yet he was able to get us hooked on. Environmental sciences is the next biggest industry in the next few years. Water pollution is a huge problem that many countries are facing.

All the other sessions were somehow interesting. The nano-technology session was an eye opener, showing me a world that I never knew existed. I learned about defense technology and what the technology is capable of.

Electronics did not really attract my attention but it was informative, about the next wave of technology available.

Animation was very interactive, but again, there was nothing that aroused me.

The last one about geology was very informative too. There are things that we may never know, and we learned it during the session.